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GST Admission 2021: Admit Card Download and Seat Plan

GST admission circular 2021 is now available on the official website at www.gstadmission.ac.bd. GST Admit Card 2021 for Universities Integrated Admission Test may be downloaded through the GST Admission System official website. The Admit Card Download will begin on October 9, 2021, via A Unit Admit Card. Following that, the B and C Unit Admit Card will be issued. The Admit Card will provide the Admission Test Date and Seat Plan. During the Final Application, applicants will be assigned a Center from the provided selection list. The Admission Test Instructions will be included with the Admit Card.
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GST Admission Result 2021

GST Admission Result 2021 is now published. It is available on the GST Admission System's official website, gstadmission ac bd. The results will be published in two stages. In the first phase, the GST Admission Primary Application Result 2020-21 has been released today. The GST Admission Test Result will be issued after the publication of the main selection result for 2020-2021.

Applicants who are qualified will be chosen for the Final Application. The main application will be used to create the GST Eligible list. Applicants on the shortlist will be offered the chance to apply for the Final Stage. The entrance exam is only open to the final candidates.

Individual GST Eligible List 2021 for three units has been published. Separate applicant lists have been released for the Science, Humanities, and Business Studies groups.

130,000 applicants from each unit will be chosen for the Admission Test based on the GST Admission Primary Selection Result 2021.

GST Result 2021

There will be two GST results published. GST Admission Primary Result is one of them, while GST Admission Result is the other. GST Admission Primary Selection Result only applies to the list of admission exam eligible applicants. And the final result will be made public after the conclusion of the entrance exam. Admission procedures will be performed based on the final outcome.

Today, August 25, 2021, the GST main application result 2021 has been announced. After the main selection result is published, the qualified applicant must submit a final application. The Final Application will begin on September 1, 2021. The deadline for the final application is September 7, 2021. When submitting the final application, the applicant must pay an application fee of Tk. 1200 through mobile banking. Previously, it was estimated to be about 600 Taka. Candidates who do not apply before the deadline will be unable to enroll in the admissions exam. In such a case, the last chance to apply for admission will be provided from the waiting list.
GST Admission 2020-21

How to know the GST Admission Result?

GST Admission Result 2020-21 is available at the University Integrated Admission System Website gstadmission.ac.bd. GST Admission Result 2021 PDF Format will be released here. Applicants may also see their Admission Primary Result by signing in using their SSC and HSC details. The final outcome will be published in the same manner. The GST Admission Result will also be given to the Eligible Candidates through SMS. To see the results online, click the link below.
  • Go to the GST Admission System's website at gstadmission.ac.bd.
  • Select Primary Application Result Option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your HSC/Equivalent Roll Number.
  • Choose the name of your HSC/ Equivalent Education Board.
  • Choose your High School Diploma/ Equivalent Passing Year.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

GST Eligible List 2021

GST Eligible Candidate List 2021 for A, B, and C units have been published. Shortlists for Science, Humanities, and Business Studies Units have been published separately. The list is available in PDF format for download. Only applicants who have been shortlisted are eligible to submit for the Final Admission Application. Final candidates are able to download their admit cards and take the admission test.
Unit Name Results Waiting List
Unit-A (Science) Download PDF Download PDF
Unit-B (Humanities) Download PDF Download PDF
Unit-C (Business Studies or Commerce) Download PDF Download PDF

GST Preliminary Application Result

Preliminary Application Result 2021 has been released based on the applicant's SSC / Equivalent and HSC / Equivalent results. The GST Admission Preliminary Result is based on the students' SSC and HSC results, along with the fourth subject.

For science candidates, HSC physics and chemistry scores were factored in. Humanities candidates were given consideration for HSC Bengali and English subjects.

Cluster admission scores for Business Studies Unit candidates have been generated using the GPA and marks achieved in HSC level Bangla and English courses.

Final Application

The final application must be submitted after the publishing of the GST Admission Primary Selection Result. Only qualified candidates will apply. The final application period will begin on September 1. The deadline for applications is September 7. If a person does not apply within the specified time frame, their candidacy will be canceled. The final application cost for GST is Tk. 1200. Mobile banking can be used to pay the application cost.

The applicant's picture must be submitted in the format specified in the final application. The photograph will be square in shape. The photo's backdrop should be bright in color. The image must be no more than 100 KB in size.

When completing the final application form, the applicant must choose at least five test centers in the terms of priority. The applicant will also be required to submit information on whether or not he or she is presently enrolled in any educational institution.

List of GST Universities

In the academic years 2020-2021, a total of 20 institutions will take part in the integrated admission test. The general university has nine, while the University of Science and Technology has eleven. For all universities, just three entrance exams will be conducted. The science group takes an admission test, the humanities group will take an admission test, and the business studies group will take an admission test.

All university campuses will be held admission exams. In other terms, admission test centers will be available at all institutions. Students should be able to take the admission test at a location that is comfortable for them.

There will be no pass/fail results in the admissions exam. A score will be assigned to each applicant. This score will be used to determine admission to universities.

Following the completion of the combined admission exam, the universities will send out individual admission notices. Students are allowed to apply to their preferred universities. Institutions will evaluate the individual's score when making admission decisions. There will be no separate admission test for this. Universities that use the Integrated Admission Test are -
General University (9)
Science & Technology University (11)
1. Jagannath University 10. Shahajalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)
2. Islamic University 12. Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU)
3. Sheikh Hasina University 12. Fazilatunnessa Mujib University of Science and Technology (FMUST)
4. Khulna University 13. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University (BSMRDU)
5. Comilla University 14. Rangamati University of Science and Technology (RUST)
6. Begum Rokeya University 15. Bangabandhu University of Science and Technology (BUST)
7. Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul University 16. Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST)
8. Barisal University 17. Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST)
9. Rabindra University 18. Noakhali University of Science and Technology (NSTU)
  19. Mawalana Bhashani University of Science and Technology (MBSTU)
  20. Haji Danesh University of Science and Technology (HDUST)

Admission Test Marks Distribution

Only those chosen from among the first candidates will be allowed to take the admission exam. Each student must take the admission test at the given place. Each unit will have a 100-point admission exam. The admission test will last one hour.

Unit-A (Science)

Subject List Number
1. Physics 20
2. Chemistry 20
3. Bangla 10
4. English 10
5. Mathematics
6. Biology 20
7. ICT 20
Total = 100

Unit-B (Humanities)

Subject List Number
1. Bangla 40
2. English 35
3. ICT 25
Total = 100

Unit-C (Commerce)

Subject List Number
1. Accounting 25
2. Business Organization and Management 25
3. ICT 25
4. Bangla 13
5. English
Total = 100

Admission Test Date and Schedule

Twenty universities' GST admission tests will be conducted over three days. The admissions exam will begin on October 17, 2021. It will come to an end on November 1st. For the Science, Humanities, and Commerce groups, three admission tests will be conducted. The GST Admission Test Schedules and Dates are shown here: 
Unit Date Time
A Unit (Science ) 17 October 2021 12:00 Pm to 01:00 Pm
B Unit (Humanities) 24 October 2021 12:00 Pm to 01:00 Pm
C Unit (Commerce) 01 November 2021 12:00 Pm to 01:00 Pm

GST Admission Admit Card

Integrated admission test for 20 universities the admit card has been issued. Admit Card download activities will begin on October 9th through Unit-A. The admit card will provide the date of the admission exam as well as the seating plan.

According to trustworthy sources, the technical committee has finished all of the work needed for the issuance of the admit card. After obtaining the list of seat-based centers from all of the mentioned institutions, the admit card will be made available. This procedure will be finished this week.

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How to download GST Admit Card?

Admit Card can be collected through the GST website, gstadmission.ac.bd. The admission card can only be downloaded by the selected applicants. To get the admit card, the applicant must first log in using the application ID and the password provided. To get the Admission Test Admit Card, follow the steps outlined below. 
  • Go to gstadmission.ac.bd to apply for admission.
  • Select the login option.
  • Log in using your application ID and password.
  • Print the Admit Card on an A4 size paper after downloading it.

GST Admission Circular 2020-21

The GST Admission Circular 2020-21 is already published. This integrated admission exam will be conducted for 20 universities altogether. These include general universities as well as science and technology institutions. The admission form is available on the gstadmission org website. The list of qualified applicants, admit card, seat plan, and admission exam results will all be available on the same website.

The date of the admission exam has already been published. This admissions exam will begin on October 17, 2021. This cluster system admission procedure will include three entrance exams. Total of 100 points For Science, Humanities, and Business Education, admission tests will be administered using the MCQ method. 

Applications for admission will be accepted in two stages. The shortlist will be released based on the results of the SSC/Equivalent and HSC/Equivalent exams. Only those who have been shortlisted will be allowed to complete the final admission form. When completing the final application form, the applicant must pay an application cost of Tk.1200/-. Fees for applications may be paid via bKash, Rocket, Sure Cash, or Nagad.

GST Eligibility

Candidates who completed the HSC and comparable exams in 2020 or 2019 are eligible to apply for the university's integrated admission test. In other words, students will be able to take the entrance exam a second time.

Following the release of the integrated admission exam results, institutions will determine whether to accept students who took the entrance test for the second time.

To apply for the GST Admission Test, the candidate must have a minimum GPA of 7.00 in the Science group, 6.50 in the Business Studies (Commerce) group, and 6.00 in the Humanities group. However, a minimum GPA of 3.00 will be needed in both the SSC and the HSC levels.

GST Admission Form 2020-21

The GST Admission Form must be completed in two stages for the universities' integrated admission exam. At first, you must make the main application. The shortlist will be issued based on the initial application's SSC / Equivalent and HSC / Equivalent examination results. Following the publication of the list of eligible applicants, the final application form must be completed. Only those who have passed the entrance exam are entitled to fill out the final admission form.

Candidates are not required to pay any fees while completing the GST Preliminary Application Form. However, while completing the final application form, the applicant must pay a Tk.1200 application fee. The preliminary and final admission forms must be completed on the gstadmission website.

GST Primary Application

Primary Application is open to all qualified applicants. Students from any Education Board, as well as students from GSE or with international credentials, may fill out the main application form, which is available below:
  • Gstadmission.ac.bd is the admissions website.
  • Submit SSC/Equivalent and HSC/Equivalent data.
  • When you go to the following stage, you will see your information.
  • Verify all of the information before proceeding to the next phase.
  • Other info, such as your phone number, should be provided.
  • Fill out the application in the unit to which you want to apply.
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