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Dhaka University Admission Result 2021 PDF Download

The Admission Result of Dhaka University for the year 2021 has been published. The authorized admission website admission.eis.du.ac.bd can be used to view the DU Admission Result 2020-21. It may also be checked by sending an SMS according to the instructions on the admit card. The Unit Result Checking Methods for KA, KHA, GA, GHA, and CHA are the same. On November 2nd, at 12:30 p.m., the KHA-Unit Admission Test Result 2020-21 will be announced. The F-unit Result has been made public. The A-unit, C-unit, and D-unit will be published on a regular basis.
Dhaka University Admission Result

Dhaka University Admission Result

Dhaka University Admission Result 2021 has been published. It has been made public with all of the facts, as well as a subject-by-subject mark sheet. Students who pass the admissions exam must complete the SIF form and indicate their topic preferences in the period allotted. Following that, students will be required to participate in a viva-voce. According to the Admission Test result, Viva-voce, and preference list, candidates will be allocated to a subject/department.

Students who have concerns about the findings will be allowed to request a re-evaluation within the time span allotted. According to the guidelines, the application may be made by paying the appropriate application cost.

Dhaka University KHA Unit Result

On November 2, 2021, Dhaka University will release the KHA-Unit Result. At 12:30 p.m., the B-Unit Admissions Result for the year 2021 will be released. On October 2nd, 2021, an admission exam for Humanities Group B-unit was conducted. Logging into the Admissions page will provide the DU KHA Unit Result.

You may get the result by sending an SMS from your Teletalk, Banglalink, Robi, or Airtel phone. Go to the message option and type "result" in the text box. DU <space> KHA <space> Admission Roll and send to 16321. Detailed instructions are mentioned in the admit card step by step.

Dhaka University KA Unit Result

The possible publication date for Dhaka University Admission Result 2021 A-Unit is November 2, 2021. The outcome has already been set. Now is the moment to officially publish. This unit's admissions exam was conducted on October 1, 2021. The Admissions webpage has the DU A-Unit Admission Result. Alternatively, if you submit an SMS in accordance with the instructions on the admission card, the result will be sent back to you. Dhaka University A Unit Admission Result SMS method is DU <space> KA <space> Admission Roll and send to 16321.

Dhaka University Result by SMS

Dhaka University Admission Result 2020-21 can also be known by Sending SMS from Teletalk, Banglalink, Airtel and Robi. For your kind information, you can't know the result by GP. SMS instructions are mentioned on the Admit Card. To Know the Result by SMS, follow the Unit based instructions below. 
  1. A-Unit: DU <space> KA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.                      Example: DU KA 123456 and Send to 16321.
  2. B- Unit: DU <space> KHA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.                          Example: DU KHA 124456 and Send to 16321.
  3. C-Unit: DU <space> GA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.                        Example: DU GA 123456 and Send to 16321.
  4. D-Unit: DU <space> GHA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.                    Example: DU GHA 123566 and Send to 16321.
  5. F-Unit: DU <space> CHA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.                    Example: DU KA 113456 and Send to 16321.

How to download DU Admit Card

To download a copy of the Dhaka University Admission 2020-21 admit card, follow the instructions outlined below. Each unit will require its own Admit Card, which must be downloaded separately. On the Admit Card, Admission Test Date and Exam Center will be listed.
  1. Go to Dhaka University Admission Website which is admission.eis.du.ac.bd
  2. Log in using your HSC and SSC identities.
  3. You've reached the student dashboard.
  4. Find a copy of the admit card for the unit to which you apply.
  5. Then print admits card on an A4 size offset paper and preserve it until the admission test.
Please keep in account that you must have to arrive at the exam centre before 30 minutes of starting that exam. 
DU Admission Test Date
The authorities of Dhaka University reports that a total of 88,970 candidates applied for 1,795 seats in the "Ka" unit. Similarly, 45,003 students applied for 3,378 seats in the "Kha" unit, 28,958 students sought for 1,250 seats in the "Ga" unit, 97,464 pupils applied for 1,560 seats in the "Gha" unit, and 15,996 students registered for 135 seats in the "Cha" unit.

Unit Date Time
A Unit 1st October 2021 From 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
B Unit 22d October 2021 From 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
C Unit 22 October 2021 From 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
D Unit 23 October 2021 From 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
E Unit (GK) 09 October 2021 From 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Seat Plan

The Seat Plan for the Dhaka University Admission Test will be issued 48 hours prior to the Admission Test. It will be made accessible on the admission website. Sending SMS from a mobile phone can provide details about DU Seat Plan. Simply input your HSC roll, passing year, board name, and SSC roll into the fields given, then hit the submit button. You may now see your allocation plan.

Log in to view the seating plan or download a copy of the admit card.

Students can also receive their seat plan by sending an SMS from their phone by following the steps outlined below.

1. On your phone, go to the SMS option.
2. Now type DU <space> Unit Name <space> Roll No and send it to 16321 from GP, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, and Teletalk.
3. In the return message you'll get details about your seat allocation.

Admission Test Marks Distribution

Now we'll look at the entire DU Admissions mark distribution. Despite this, DU Admissions Test Exam received a total score of 200. It's also split into two halves, with 60% and 40% of the mark each. As a result, DU Admission MCQ Exam will be worth 120 marks. The remaining 20 marks will be taken from the SSC and HSC results.

MCQs are worth 60 marks, while multiple-choice questions are for 40 marks. Written MCQs takes 40 minutes and Written takes 50 minutes. The total duration is 90 minutes or 1.5 hours. Because this is a timed exam, the written questions will be brief. The response sheet will include a brief written question. You must respond there. It's notable that a calculator isn't allowed in DU Admission Exam. Here we mentioned the DU Marks Distribution table below. 
Unit MCQ EXAM Written Exam Safe Zone
Number Time Number Time MCQ Written
A 60 45 Minutes 40 40 Minutes 45 Number 25 Number
B 60 45 Minutes 40 45 Minutes 40 Number 25 Number
C 60 45 Minutes 40 45 Minutes 40 Number 25 Number
D 60 45 Minutes 40 45 Minutes 45 Number 27 Number
E 40 (GK) 30 Minutes 60 (Drawing) 60 Minutes 25 Number 35-40 Number

Dhaka University Admission Admit Card 2021 – FAQ

How to Download the DU Admit Card?

1. Visit Dhaka University Admissions Admission Website at admission.eis.du.ac.bd.
2. Login using your HSC and SSC info.
3. Visit the Student Dashboard.
4. Download the admit card of the unit to which you have applied.
5. Save it as a PDF file and then print it instantly or later. 

When will the DU admit card be available in 2021?

Dhaka University Admit Card will be issued on 11th September 2021 for all Units. Dhaka University DU Admit Card can be downloaded from 11 September 2021. The Admission Test has been rescheduled. However, if the date of the admission exam is postponed or amended, there may be a delay in releasing the admit card.

Can I carry the Soft copy of the DU Admit Card?

You have to carry the printed copy of admit card. Also, you can carry the main copy of your HSC registration card (if they demand). On the other hand, you have to print the admit card as a coloured copy with an A4 size paper.

Can I carry my mobile phone to the DU exam hall?

Candidates shall carry transparent black ink ballpoint pens so that refill can be seen easily. Carrying mobile phone, calculator, watch and any electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the examination hall. Candidates shall report to the respective centre of examination at least one & half hours prior to the start time of the written examination.
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