The goose that laid the golden eggs - Completing Story

Once there lived a farmer who was very poor. He could hardly buy proper meals for his family. 

The goose that laid the golden eggs

One day, he decided to farm geese and took a hefty loan to open it. Alas! All of his geese farms caught on a virus. He faced an immense loss. Every goose was dead except for one. The farmer's wife suggested he cut it and cook for a meal. 

Having no money to buy any food, the farmer took a knife and went to cut the goose open. But this particular goose caught his attention. He thought it was so beautiful. He was a kind and merciful person. So, he could not kill the goose but rather intended to raise it. He used to adore it a lot.

The farmer's financial state was getting worse day by day. One early morning, he went to see his goose. He checked if it had laid any eggs. What he saw was beyond his imagination. He saw an egg, of pure solid gold lying under the goose. He was so happy. He went to the market to sell the golden egg and got a nice amount of money with that. 

That day he and his family had a nice meal after ages. The farmer would find a golden egg every morning and would sell it for a fortune. His days of happiness were back. He opened a dairy farm with his own money, cleared all the debt and was looking for buying other properties. His wife grew doubtful of him and asked how did this miracle happen so quickly? The farmer knew his wife's greedy nature so he did not tell her anything. 

One morning, his wife quietly followed him. She saw him collecting the golden egg and could not believe what she was seeing. Her heart was full of greed. She wanted to become rich overnight and thought, "Why wait every morning for this silly goose to lay an egg? 

I am sure there are plenty of golden eggs in its belly. So, I should just cut it open to collect the eggs. Thus I shall become rich sooner." When the farmer went to the market, she took a sharp knife and brutally cut open the belly of the goose. Alas! let alone abundance but there was not even a drop of gold in the goose's belly and the goose was dead. The farmer came back home from work and saw all these. He was in immense grief for his loss. His wife's greed made them start all over again. 

MORAL: Grasp all lose all.

1) Geese - হংসী সকল
2) Hefty - বড়/ বেশি
3) Adore - আদর/যত্ন
4) Sell it for a fortune - ভালো পরিণামের বদলে বিনিময়
5) Brutally - হিংস্রভাবে
6) Grasp - ধরা

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