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BUP Gk Suggestion-01

History of Bengal

1. From which group did the main part of the Bengali nation come? ***

Ø  Ostrich

2. Who divided Bengal? ***

Ø  Lord Curzon

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3. Which British Viceroy played an important role in the establishment of Dhaka University?

Ø  Lord Curzon

4. Who abolished the partition of Bengal? ***

Ø  Lord Hardinge

5. Who was the first Viceroy of India? ***

Ø  Lord Canning

6. Who was the last Viceroy of British India? ***

Ø  Lord Mountbatten

7. Who was the first Governor-General of Independent India?

Ø  Lord Mountbatten

8. Who was the Governor of Bengal during the famine of 1967?

Ø  Lord Cartier

9. Who was the founder of the ancient Bengali Maurya rule?

Ø  Chandragupta Maurya

10. Ashoka was the ruler of which dynasty?

Ø  Maurya

11. First to arrive among the European merchants- ***

Ø  The Portuguese

12. Who was Pratap Aditya?

Ø  One of the Baro Bhuiyans of Bengal

13. Areas of Harikela Janapada in ancient Bengal:

Ø  Chittagong

14. Who was the first independent and sovereign king of Bengal?

Ø  Shashanka

15. Who was the first Muslim to conquer Bengal?

Ø  Bakhtiyar Khilji

16. Who initiated the spread of Muslim domination in Bengal?

Ø  Bakhtiyar Khilji

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17. Who is the first independent Nawab of Bengal? ***

Ø  Nawab Murshid Quli Khan

18. Who is the last independent Nawab of Bengal? ***

Ø  Nawab Sirajuddaula

19. What is the real name of Sirajuddaula?

Ø  Mirza Mohammad

20. Who moved the capital of Bengal from Dhaka to Murshidabad?

Ø  Nawab Murshid Quli Khan

21. The first independent sultan of Bengal

Ø  Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah

22. Who established the independent sultanate rule of Bengal?

Ø  Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah

23. From the time of which ruler the whole Bengali speaking region became known as Bangalah?

Ø  Shamsuddin Elias Shah

24. What is the name of the capital of Bengal during the Sultanate period?

Ø  Goura

25. The printing industry started in India:

Ø  During the Mughal period

26. During which period Sonargaon was the Capital of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  During the Mughal period

27. Who was the founder of the Mughal dynasty?

Ø  Babar

28. Who wrote the first autobiography among the Mughal emperors?

Ø  Babar

29. Which Mughal emperor was the first to conquer Bengal?

Ø  King Akbar

30. Tansen was the chief musician of whose royal court?

Ø  Emperor Akbar

31. Who started counting the years in Bengali? ***

Ø  King Akbar

32. Started the first Pahela Baishakh of Bengali New Year - ***

Ø  King Akbar

33. Who is the proponent of the divine religion Deen-e-Elahi?

Ø  King Akbar

34. Which order of Mughal rule is correct?

Ø  Babar-Humayun-Akbar-Jahangir

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35. Who was the Mughal subedar when the capital of Bengal was established in Dhaka?  ***

Ø  Islam Khan

36. How many times is Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh?

Ø  5 times: in 1610, 1660, 1905, 1947 and 1971

37. Which is the oldest city in Bangladesh?

Ø  Pundranagar / Pundravardhana

38. Where is the ancient Pundravardhana located? ***

Ø  Mahasthangarh

39. Where is the oldest city center of Bengal located?

Ø  Mahasthangarh

40. Where is the oldest inscription of Bengal discovered on a stone disc?

Ø  Mahasthangarh

41. Which is the largest medieval mosque in Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Sixty Dome Mosque

42. What is the name of the famous architecture of Bengal built by Ulugh Khan in the Medival period?

Ø  Sixty Dome Mosque

43. Which of these has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO? ***

Ø  Sixty Dome Mosque

44. Who played a leading role in introducing modern education among Muslims in Bengal?

Ø  Nawab Abdul Latif

45. Who was the initiator of the Faraeji movement in Bengal?

Ø  Haji Shariatullah

46. Which is the first museum in Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Barendra Research Museum

47. The present Greater Dhaka District was a part of which Janapada in ancient times?

Ø  Bengal

48. Formed with the northern part of Rajshahi, the western part of Bogra, Rangpur, and some parts of Dinajpur.

Ø  Barendra land

49. The landforms of geological age of the mountains of Bangladesh are:

Ø  Tertiary era

50. Big Katra and Small Katra in Dhaka is located in the following area of the city:

Ø  Chawkbazar

51. Which is the main The mughal architecture of Dhaka city? ***

Ø  Lalbagh Fort

52. What is the former name of Lalbagh fort? ***

Ø  Aurangabad Fort

53. Who established the fort of Lalbagh? ***

Ø  Shaista Khan

54. Who built the famous Tara Mosque in Dhaka?

Ø  Mirja Ahmed Jan / Mirja Gulam Pir

55. Who was Pori Bibi?

Ø  Daughter of Shaista Khan

56. Which Mughal subedar captured Chittagong and named it Islamabad?

Ø  Shaista Khan

57. The first the anti-British armed resistance movement in Bengal - ***

Ø  Sepoy Rebellion

58. Place with Memories of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 in Dhaka - ***

Ø  Bahadur Shah Park

59. The English East India Company received the Diwani of Bengal from the Mughal emperor.

Ø  Shah Alam II

60. The location of Karnasuvarna, the ancient city of Bengal, was:

Ø  Murshidabad

61. In which district of Bangladesh is the ancient city of Gaura located?

Ø  Chapainawabganj

62. What's the name of the country's first seaport built-in independent Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Payra seaport

63. Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam fought in the First World War as a member of which army regiment?

Ø  Bengal Regiment

64. The word ‘Opobhrongsho’ (distorted) is related to what in Bangla?

Ø  Language

65. Through whose efforts was the widow marriage law introduced?

Ø  Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

66. Name of the Commission for Establishment of Dhaka University - ***

Ø  Nathan Commission

67. What is the former name of Comilla?***

Ø  Tripura

68. Who first drew the map of Bengal?

Ø  Major James Rennell

69. The ancient name of Sylhet was - ***

Ø Srihatta, Jalalabad

70. What was the name of the Buddhist monastery in Paharpur?

Ø  Sompur Bihar

71. Somapura Bihar was established during which dynasty?

Ø  Pala dynasty

72. Who is the builder of the Paharpur Buddhist monastery?

Ø  Dharmapala

73. Who is the founder of Brahmo Samaj?

Ø  Raja Rammohun Roy

74. Who is the pioneer of Bengali Muslim Women's Awakening? ***

Ø  Rokeya Sakhawat

75. Who is the first Bengali Muslim poet?

Ø  Shah Muhammad Sagir

76. Who is called the proponent of biracial theory?

Ø  Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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77. The first vice-chancellor of Dhaka University from the subcontinent- ***

Ø  Sir AF Rahman

78. The first student of Dhaka University? ***

Ø  Leela Nag

79. In which year did the famine of 50 occur? ***

Ø  Bengali in 1350, English in 1943.

80. Which artist became famous for his paintings on the Bengal famine of 1943? ***

Ø  Zainul Abedin

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