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BUP Gk Suggestion-02

 📣 BUP Gk Suggestion for FASS-FBS-FSSS Unit Part-02

Language Movement

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81. What is the name of the first organization of the language movement?

Ø  Tamaddun Majlish (formed: 2 September 1947)

82. Tamaddun Majlish was a:

Ø  Cultural organization

83. Who was the Chief Minister of East Bengal during the language movement? ***

Ø  Nurul Amin

84. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the language movement?

Ø  Khwaja Nazimuddin

85. Who is the author of the song 'Ekushey February painted in my brother's blood'? ***

Ø  Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury

86. Who is the composer of the famous song of Ekushey February? ***

Ø  Altaf Mahmood Abdul

87. Composer of the song "Moder Gorob Moder Asha, Amari Bangla Bhasha" - ***

Ø  Atul Prasad Sen.

88. What is the name of the editor of the first language movement-based magazine?

Ø  Hasan Hafizur Rahman

89. Who is the poet of the first poem written on 21st February? ***

Ø  Mahbub ul Alam Chowdhury

90. "I did not come to cry, I came with a demand for execution" - Who wrote it? ***

Ø  Mahbubul Alam Chowdhury

91. What is the content of Munir Chowdhury's play 'Kabar'? ***

Ø  Language movement of '52

92. Who raised the first demand to make Bengali the state language in the session of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan? ***

Ø  Dhirendranath Dutta

93. Which of the following organizations has recognized 21st February as International Mother Language Day? ***


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94. Who was the first Chief Minister of undivided Bengal?

Ø  A.K. Fazlul Haque.

95. AK Fazlul Haque was given the title of Sher-e-Bangla:

Ø  In Lahore

96. Who was the presenter of the Lahore resolution in 1940?

Ø  A.K. Fazlul Haque

97. Who was the last Chief Minister of undivided Bengal?

Ø  Hossain Shaheed Suhrawardy

98. What is the name of the sculpture made in memory of the martyrs of the language movement in Bangla Academy? ***

Ø  Moder Gorob

99. How many lines of Amar Sonar Bangla song have been taken as the national anthem of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  The first ten

100. Which state has given Bangla the status of one of the state languages? ***

Ø  Sierra Leone

101. The first demand of the historic twentyone point demand was:

Ø  To make Bengali one of the state languages

102. Assad Gate was built to protect which memory?

Ø  Mass uprising of 1969

103. When was the first Shaheed Minar built?

Ø  February 23, 1952

104. Who built the first Shaheed Minar? ***

Ø  Students of Dhaka Medical College.

105. When was the first Shaheed Minar inaugurated?

Ø  February 24, 1952

106. Who inaugurated the first Shaheed Minar?

Ø  Martyr Shafiur's father Maulvi Mahbubur Rahman

107. Who designed the first Shaheed Minar?

Ø  Dr. Badrul Alam

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108. When was the present Central Shaheed Minar inaugurated? ***

Ø  February 21, 1963

109. Who inaugurated the present Central Shaheed Minar? ***

Ø  Hasina Begum, mother of martyr Abul Barkat

110. Who is the architect of the present Central Shaheed Minar? ***

Ø  Hamidur Rahman

111. Where was the first Shaheed Minar built outside the country? ***

Ø  Tokyo, Japan (Inaugurated April 16, 2006)

112. Where is the highest Shaheed Minar in the country? ***

Ø  Jahangirnagar University.

113. What day was February 21, 1952? ***

Ø  Thursday (8 Falgun).

114. Every year during the language movement of 1958-52 there a day called 'Language Day' was celebrated. Which day was celebrated as language day?

Ø  March 11.

115. How many people were martyred in the language movement? ***

Ø  8 people.

116. Who is the first Shaheed of the language movement? ***

Ø  Shahid Rafiq (Student of Jagannath University)

117. Who is the second martyr of the language movement?

Ø  Shaheed Abdul Jabbar


আরও পড়তে পারেনঃ BUP Gk Suggestion - Part-01 

1. Which country vetoed in favor of Bangladesh in the UN during the War of Liberation in 1971?

Ø  Soviet Union (now Russia)

2. Which two women were awarded the title of Bir Pratik for their contribution to the liberation war of 1971? ***

Ø   Setara Begum and Taraman Bibi

3. Which woman freedom fighter was the first to get the title of Bir Pratik? ***

Ø  Captain Setara Begum

4. Setara Begum fought in which sector?

Ø  In Sector 2.

5. In which sector did Taraman Bibi fight?

Ø  In Sector 11.

6. Female freedom fighter but not awarded any title - ***

Ø  Kakon Bibi.

7. Whose title is the daughter of liberation?

Ø  Kakon Bibi, of the Khasia community.

8. During the liberation war, the naval command was formed with which sector? ***

Ø  Sector 10

9. What is the name of the operation conducted by the naval commandos of Bangladesh during the liberation war? ***

Ø  Operation Jackpot

10. In which sector there was no regular sector commander?

Ø  Sector 10

11. The first state to recognize independent Bangladesh - ***

Ø  Bhutan

12. Name of the second country to recognize Bangladesh as an independent country:

Ø  India

13. Which is the first European country to recognize Bangladesh? ***

Ø  East Germany

14. Which Arab country was the first to recognize Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Iraq

15. Who conducted the oath-taking ceremony of the Mujibnagar government on April 17, 1971? ***

Ø  Abdul Mannan

16. What was the number of members of the Provisional Government of Bangladesh in 1971? ***

Ø  6 people

17. Who read the declaration of independence of the Mujibnagar government?

Ø  Professor Yusuf Ali

18. Who was the 1st Prime Minister of The people's Republic of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Tajuddin Ahmed

19. Who was the first temporary president of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Syed Nazrul Islam

20. Who was the finance minister of the Mujibnagar government?

Ø  M Mansur Ali

21. Who was the first commander in chief of Bangladesh?

Ø  General Ataul Osman Gani

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22. Who was the Chief of Staff in the Bangladesh War of Independence?

Ø  Colonel MA Rob

23. Who was the head of the K force in the liberation war?

Ø  Khaled Musharraf

24. Who was the Sector Commander of Sector No.3?

Ø  Major NM Nuruzzaman

25. Wing Commander MK Bashar was the commander of which sector in the liberation war?

Ø  Sector 6

26. Where was the location of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra?

Ø  At Kalurghat in Chittagong.

27. Who used to read Charampatra from Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra? ***

Ø  MR Akhtar Mukul

28. During the war of liberation, Bangladesh was divided into how many sectors? ***

Ø  11

29. Which is the highest heroic title of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Birshreshtha

30. How many people are given the highest honor 'Bir Shrestha' for their heroism in the war of liberation? ***

Ø  7 people

31. How many people are awarded the title of Bir Uttam for their heroic contribution in the war of independence of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  68 people

32. Who is given the latest title of 'Bir Uttam'? ***

Ø  Brigadier General Jamil Uddin Ahmed.

33. 3rd heroic title in Bangladesh according to dignity - ***

Ø  Bir Bikram

34. How many gained the title of 'Bir Bikram' for their contribution to liberation war? ***

Ø  175 people

35. How many people got the title of 'Bir Pratik' for their contribution to the liberation war? ***

Ø  426 people

36. What was the title of Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman? ***

Ø  Sepoy

37. What is the total number of freedom fighters with state titles in Bangladesh? ***

Ø  676

38. How many BDR members were awarded the title of Bir Shrestha for their outstanding heroism in the war of independence of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  2

39. Who was the only freedom fighter with the title of 'Bir Bikram' in the liberation war of Bangladesh from the small and ethnic community? ***

Ø  U K Ching Marma

40. Who published the first news of Pakistani atrocities in East Pakistan in 1971 to the outside world?***

Ø  British journalist Simon Dring.

41. Which foreign citizen was martyred in the war of liberation? ***

Ø  Mother Mario Verenzi (Italian citizen).

42. Who is the youngest freedom fighter? ***

Ø  Shahidul Islam, age was 12 years (Bir Pratik).

43. What was the name of the plane that Matiur Rahman snatched to return to the country? ***

Ø  T-33 (pseudonym — Blue Bird)

44. In which district is the grave of the Bir Shrestha Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir?

Ø  Chapainawabganj (Historic Sona Mosque Premises)

45. Where is Bir Shrestha Mostafa Kamal buried? ***

Ø  Akhaura, Brahmanbaria

46. Which is the national day of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  March 26

47. Sector under which Mujibnagar was under Liberation War - ***

Ø  8

48. Where is Mujibnagar located? ***

Ø  In Meherpur district

49. What was the name of the first martyr of Bangladesh in the war of independence in 1971?

Ø  Farooq Iqbal (March 3)

50. How long did the liberation war of Bangladesh last? ***

Ø  266 days (9 months)

1. For how many years was Bangladesh under Pakistan?

Ø  24 years.

2. In which place of Dhaka did the Pakistani Army surrender on 16 December 1971? ***

Ø  Then Racecourse Maidan

3. Who was the representative on behalf of Bangladesh in the surrendering function on the Victory Day of Liberation war?***

Ø  Air Commodore AK Khandaker

4. What was the number of Pakistani soldiers surrendering to A joint force of Liberation War?

Ø  93 Thousand

5. Who was the representative on behalf of Mitra Bahini in the surrendering function on the Victory day of the Liberation war?

 ØGeneral Jagjit Singh Arora

6. At the beginning of the War of Liberation in 1971, a man bragged about Bangabandhu, Which was as follows: "The man and his party are enemies of Pakistan, this time they can't escape punishment." Who was this boastful person?

Ø  General Yahya Khan

7. "Shaheed Buddhijibi Day" of Bangladesh is- ***

Ø  14 December.

8. Most number of persons murdered on 14 December-

Ø  Teacher(991); Moreover, Doctors(49)

9. Who is the writer of the book "The Liberation War of Bangladesh"?

Ø  Major General Sukhwant Singh

10. During Liberation War, Dhaka was under which sector? ***

Ø  Sector 2

11. During Liberation War, Rajshahi was under which sector?

Ø  sector 7

12. During Liberation War, Barisal was under which sector?

Ø  Sector 9

13. Martyr freedom fighter Shafi Imam Rumi was a member of which Guerilla army?

Ø  Crack Platoon

14. In the war of liberation of 1971, the famous guerrilla group Crack Platoon was under which sector?***

Ø  Sector 2

15. Which was the first enemy-free District of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Jashore

16. What is the ratio of length and width of the flag of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  10: 6

17. Which film is made based on the country partition in 1947?

Ø  "Chitra Nadir Pare"

18. "Chitra Nadir Pare" was Directed by-

Ø  Tanvir Mokammel

19. Liberation War based film-

Ø  JayJatra

20. David Frost was a/an-

Ø  Reporter

21. The writer of the book "Probash e Muktijuddher Dinguli"-

Ø  Abu Saeed Choudhury

22. Let there be Light- Director of this famous film was-***

Ø  Jahir Raihan

23. Who was the writer of the Liberation war-based novel "Aguner Parashmoni? ***

Ø  Humayun Ahmed

24. Who was the director of the film "Jibon theke neya"?***

Ø  Jahir Raihan

25. Who was the director of the Liberation war based cinema "Dhire Bohe Meghna"?

Ø  Alamgir Kabir

26. Which one is a documentary film on the Liberation war?

Ø  Muktir gan

27. What is the name of the film based on Bir Shreshtha Matiur Rahman? ***

Ø  Ostitte Amar Desh

28. Which one is a Liberation war-based Drama?

Ø  Payer Awaj Shona Jay

29. Where was "The Concert for Bangladesh" held in 1971 during the Liberation war? ***

Ø  Madison Square Garden

30. Which famous singer collected money for Bangladesh by arranging a concert in New York during the war of liberation? ***

Ø  George Harrison

31. George Harrison, the organizer of the Concert for Bangladesh, was a citizen of which country?

Ø  United Kingdom

32. Who presented Bangladesh in front of the world during the Liberation war in 1971?

Ø  George Harrison, Simon Dring and Pandit Ravi Shankar.

33. Under which code name did Pakistani forces launch an attack on innocent Bengalis in the middle of the night on March 25, 1971? ***

Ø  Operation Search Light

34. In which foreign mission was the flag of Bangladesh first rose? ***

Ø  Kolkata

 BUP Gk Suggestion Admission Tune 

35. Who is the only foreigner freedom fighter to receive 'Bir Pratik'? ***

Ø  W. H. Wonderland

36. Who was the writer of the poem "September on Jessore Road" based on the Liberation War of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Alen Ginsberg

37. Who is the lyricist of the song "Mora ekti ful k bachabo bole juddho kori"? ***

 Ø Gobinda Halder

38. Who is the composer of the song "Mora ekti ful k bachabo bole juddho kori"? ***

Ø  Apel Mahmud

39. Who is the composer of the song "Sob kota Janala khule daw na"-

Ø  Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul

40. What is the name of the 'memorial' of the liberation war located in the Rajendrapur cantonment?***

Ø  Rakta Sopan

41. What is the name of the Museum of the liberation war located in the Dhaka cantonment? ***

Ø  Bijoy Keton

42. Where in Dhaka is the Liberation War The museum situated?-***

Ø  Agargaon

43. " Mukti o Ganatranta Toron" is built where?

Ø  Dhaka University

44. Where is the first museum based on the

liberation war, the "Shaheed Sangroho Shala" situated? ***

Ø  Rajshahi University

45." Shikha Chironton" is situated where? ***

Ø Suhrawardy Udyan

46." Swadhinata Stombho" is situated where? ***

Ø  Suhrawardy Udyan

47. Who is the architect of "Mujibnagar Smriti Soudha(Memorial)"?***

Ø  Tanvir Ahmed

48. Who is the writer of the memoir " Ekattorer Dinguli"?

Ø  Jahanara Imam

49. Who is the writer of the War Anthem of Bangladesh? ***

Ø  Kazi Nazrul Islam.

50. Which is the newspaper (spokesman of the Mujibnagar government) published during the war of liberation?

Ø  Jay Bangla

51. How many general seats did the Awami League win in the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly in 1970?

Ø  288

52. The decision to celebrate Bangabandhu's birth centenary was taken at the which general session of UNESCO? ***

Ø  40th

53. To which genre does "Ekattorer Chithi" belong?

Ø  Letter collection of Liberation War

54. Who was the designer of the first (Mujibnagar government) stamp in Bangladesh?***

Ø  Biman Mallick

55. The first commemorative stamp issued after independence had a picture of what? ***

Ø  Central Shaheed Minar

56. Who was the Chief of the First Education Commission of Bangladesh?

Ø  Dr. Kudrat E Khuda

57. Who was the first chief of the Air Force of Bangladesh?

Ø  Air Vice Marshal A.K. Khandaker

58. Who was the first governor of Bangladesh Bank?

Ø  A.N. M. Hamidullah

59. Who was the first Chief Justice of Bangladesh?

Ø  A.S.M. Sayem

60. Who was the first female Justice of Bangladesh?

Ø  Nazmun Ara Sultana

61. First female National Professor-

Ø  Dr. Sufia Ahmed


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