KUET: All the facts nobody told you

What word pops up in your head, when you hear about KUET while chatting with your friends or seniors? Is it like “The engineering university which is assumed as the second-best engineering institution after BUET even having no constructive proof behind it” or “The university whose final year students got viral on social media and faced the backlash of broadcast media?” or “The Engineering university that is situated probably in Khulna, or Kushtia or Cumilla or some other places whose name starts with K or C or whatever?” You are welcome and appreciated to feel whatever you want to be felt about KUET. What if we get to know about KUET a bit more from the perspective of a KUETian?
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Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, which is situated in Khulna, was established in 1967 as “Khulna Engineering College”. So initially, it was not founded as a university. You may wonder how an Engineering college was converted into a public university. Let’s take a sneak peek.

In 1971, the development activities came to a standstill because of the war-state. After the liberation war, in 1974, the academic activities were restart and got on track by the special direction of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. In 1986, Khulna Engineering college converted into an autonomous institution which name was BIT (Bangladesh Institute of Technology). And finally, in 2003, the BIT (Khulna) gets its recognition as an Engineering University after several successful movements. So, KUET has experienced so many ups and downs along with the drastic transformation in 54 years of period.

Keeping the history of the evolution of KUET aside, let’s take a glance at its academic prospects. It has 20 departments under three faculties. Among them, 16 departments serve undergraduate courses.

They are-

Faculty of Civil Engineering

  • Department of Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP)
  • Department of Building Engineering & Construction Management (BECM)
  • Department of Architecture (ARCH)
  • Department of Mathematics (MATH)
  • Department of Chemistry (CH)
  • Department of Physics (PH)
  • Department of Humanities (HUM)

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) 

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)
  • Department of Leather Engineering (LE)
  • Department of Textile Engineering (TE)
  • Department of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE)
  • Department of Chemical Engineering (ChE)
  • Department of Mechatronics Engineering (MTE)

In KUET, you will get to know a handful of successful and renowned clubs like CADers, KUET Career Club, KUET Mars Rovers, KUET Debating Society, KUET Film society, Protidhoni (Singing club), Dhrupodi (Dance club), and many more department-oriented clubs. The success of the club members has touched international milestones like becoming the global champion in IMechE_Speak_OutFor Engineering 2019, becoming World Runner up of Maker Fair Track in #IEEE #YESIST12_2020, and many more. The passionate club crews have been invisibly crowned with their inspiring stories. The clubs are eagerly waiting for the new faces to enhance the success rate by utilizing their juvenile mind.

KUET is one of the planned and beautiful public universities in Bangladesh. Anyone will reckon it as an oasis. The campus looks like a party-house that lightens up with different outdoor colored lights when the darkness grabs the campus after twilight. It unveils its ultimate beauty at night. The tranquil evening when the classes or labs get over, the students call it a day by singing songs, hanging out with friends, or sitting in the library to prepare for the next days' lessons.

KUET offers world-class education by ensuring high-quality classes, maintaining a standard level of education, and creating knowledge by enforcing students into research. The graph of quality education in KUET is uplifting day by day. Many foreign reputed researchers come here to attend international seminars, many international brands like Samsung have collaborated with KUET, and KUET has partnerships with several universities of Japan Turkey, India where the KUETian can pursue a degree easily.

KUETians are everywhere. You will find KUETians from MIT to Facebook, from Europe to North America, from the middle-east to East Asia, from BCS cadre to Business tycoon. KUET alumni are the most inspiring stature for all.

When I see KUET, I see a thousand stories of thousand students. You will find a vast diversity of the background of fellow students and get to know life in a frame of a traveler. You will be astounded at seeing one of your rich friends who couldn’t stand a second without an AC, is comfortably coping up with the scorching heat of Khulna. You will get inspired by the story of an ordinary girl whose father disowned her for being a girl, had become 1st in her department. You will be enriched with the thousands of experiences of thousands of people. You will grow as a person, a survivor, and most specifically, a learner.

Life in KUET is not a fairy-tale. It will put you in adverse situations and you will keep proving yourself stronger by confronting the difficulties. Once you graduate from KUET, you will be gradually realizing one thing. That is, you have become fearless because of the tests and trials that KUET had imposed upon you. Don’t you think it’s a beauty of becoming fearless? Take the journey as an adventure of becoming an Engineer.

What makes KUET different? The people of KUET and the environment. KUETians know the art of hospitality which is served to the newcomer. They rectify the fresher’s when is needed, again they embrace them as younger brothers-sisters. You may believe quality education is uniform all over the country but the experience at KUET is unique. It is guaranteed that the person, who enters the campus, can even survive an extremely hostile environment.

If you are reluctant about busy city life, then KUET is a suitable choice for you. KUET is situated in a suburb area, 12.4 km far from Khulna city. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of a city. The environment of KUET is inspired from the ancient time when the practice of knowledge used to be executed in a calm place.

KUET may not everyone’s dream engineering university. But it is capable enough to make you capable to reach your dream. The most interesting part of KUET is, there are so many “THE FIRST EVER KUETian TO ACCOMPLISH……..” titles that are waiting for the newcomers. The university has vast potential to grow. Join the procession to prosper. KUET needs you.


Fabiha Afrose Redita

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Session: 2018-19

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

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