Bayazid's Devotion to His Mother - Completing Story

You might have heard of Bayazid Bostami. He was a great saint. Since his childhood, he was a very kind boy. He loved his mother a lot. He was a respectful and obedient child. One night he was studying beside his mother quietly. His mother was sick, so he stayed around her in case she needs anything. Suddenly, his mother woke up and raised her head saying, "Bayazid my child, please bring me a glass of water". Hearing his mother, he immediately went to the kitchen but alas! There was not a single drop of water in the pitcher. So, he went outside to find water but the little Bayazid could not reach for the well's rope. There was no source of water nearby and the neighbors were deep asleep. So, the brave kid went to the nearest fountain to collect water. When he came back after a while, he saw that his mother was asleep. He took a glass full of water in his hands and stood beside his mother's feet. Eventually, he fell asleep. In the dawn, neighbors his mother woke up and saw her child sleeping with a glass of water in his hands. 

Bayazid's Devotion to His Mother

She woke him up gently and asked, "My dear child, what happened? Why were you sleeping here with a glass of water in your hands?" He replied, "Mother, you wanted to drink water but there was not a single drop in our house. I could not find any nearby source which is why I went to the fountain. This made me late and you were already asleep. I felt bad for not being able to give you the water on time. That is why I waited for you to wake up and fell asleep". His mother was very proud of his son. Her eyes filled with tears of joy, and she adored her son and said it was not his fault. She also said that she was very proud to have a child like him. His mother prayed with a pure heart to Allah for the success and happiness of her child. His mother's prayer was granted and Bayazid Bostami became an ideal Islamic inspiration all over the world. 

1) Saint - সাধু
2) Obedient - বাধ্য
3) Pitcher - কলস
4) Adored - স্নেহ/ আদর করা

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