Slow and Steady Wins the Race - Completing Story

Once upon a time, there lived a rabbit and a turtle in a jungle. The rabbit was very fast in running. He was popular in the whole jungle for his speed. This popularity made him arrogant about himself. He used to roam around in the jungle every day and boast about his speed to the other animals. Every year the jungle holds an annual sports day. For the past five years, nobody has ever defeated the rabbit in a racing competition. 
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
One day, the rabbit was passing through the turtle's house. He (R) saw him and laughed saying, "I can never imagine being this slow. How are you still alive with the such shame of never being fast!". This hurt the turtle's pride very much. He (T) replied, "I might not be as fast as you but I have lived longer. My experience tells me to be steady. For natural reasons I am slower than you. So, you should not boast about yourself too much". The rabbit ignored the turtle's advice and laughed at him again claiming that he (T) was jealous. The rabbit wanted to make the turtle realize that he (R) was the fastest animal in the jungle. So, without thinking about anything the rabbit challenged the turtle in the annual racing competition. The turtle thought that the rabbit was being reckless. Nevertheless, he (T) accepted the challenge after giving it a thought. 

The day of the annual racing competition had come. Both the turtle and the rabbit took their positions. The race started and the rabbit ran as fast as he(R) could whereas the turtle started to walk slowly at his (T) natural pace. Everyone from the jungle was present that day and all of them said this was an unfair match. 

The rabbit ran so fast that he (R) could not even see the turtle anymore. So, he(R) thought, "I can take a nap while he (T) struggles. I do not need to work so hard to win against him". He sat under a tree and fell asleep while waiting for the turtle to come. On the other hand, The turtle crossed the sleeping rabbit long ago and came closer to the finishing line. Everyone was cheering him (T) up. Suddenly, the rabbit woke up from all the sounds. He (R) realized that he made a big mistake. 

He (R) ran with every drop of strength he had. But the turtle had already crossed the finishing line. He (T) was slow but very steady about the surrounding. The rabbit was very disappointed. The turtle advised him(R) by saying, "Do not be so arrogant about your abilities and always be steady no matter how skillful you are". 

  • Arrogant - অহংকারী
  • Roam -  ঘুরে বেড়ান 
  • Boast - অহংকার করে নিজের ঢাক নিজে পেটানো
  • Reckless - বেপরোয়া
  • Nevertheless - যাই হোক
  • Whereas - যেখানে
  • Surrounding - আশেপাশের পরিবেশ
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