My School Essay For Class 8 - 10

The name of my school is Nandina M.H.K. Pilot Govt. High School. A benevolent land lady named Moharani Hemanta Kumari established this school in 1935. It is one of the best schools in the greater Mymensingh district. It was nationalized in 1981 and since then it is a govt. high school.

My School Composition

It stands on the southern bank of the old Brabmaputra. It is an F-shaped, one-story building. It has a vast open space on all sides. There is a big pond on the western side with hostels along its banks. It has twenty-eight rooms in all. Of those, one is for the headmaster, one for the assistant headmaster, and one for the office. Twenty rooms are used as classrooms. The classrooms are fairly large and well furnished, with a wide veranda. There is a spacious room where the teachers sit and take a rest or do other jobs during their off periods. It also has a library room with an adequate number of books on various subjects. Besides these rooms, it has an auditorium and a science laboratory. 

The school has five classes, from class six to class ten. Each class has four sections. There are about a thousand students in different classes. It is well staffed with an efficient and experienced headmaster. Under the able leadership of the present headmaster, the school is running in the most disciplined and efficient way. Other teachers are also highly qualified and trained up. 

The students can study either in science or in the arts or in commerce according to their aptitude. It also has a beautiful garden where students relax and pass their recess period. The standard of teaching is highly appreciated by the higher authorities concerned and the guardians. There is a big playground in front of the school where the students play football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, and many other outdoor games. Besides these, the school offers the facilities to take part in debates and other cultural activities. 

The school has a good reputation for its good results. The results of the J.S.C. and S.S.C. examinations are always satisfactory. It is now one of the best high schools in the district of Jamalpur. Its name and fame have spread far and wide. I feel proud of being a student at this distinguished school.

Our School Essay Vocabulary

Here we are giving some unknown words meaning so that students can easily comprehend the essay. 

  • Benevolent - পরোপকারী, হিতৈষী
  • Nationalized - জাতীয়করণ
  • Stand on - অবস্থিত
  • Adequate - পর্যাপ্ত
  • Efficient - দক্ষ
  • Aptitude - যোগ্যতা
  • Reputation - সুনাম
  • Satisfactory - সন্তোষজনক
  • Far and wide - দিগদিগন্তে
  • Distinguish - প্রসিদ্ধ 

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