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How to donate a car in California

Car donation in California refers to the practice of donating unwanted autos or other vehicles to charity organizations. These donations may be tax-deductible in the United States. On the other hand, it is an excellent way for attracting donors. Many critics argued that it was simply a means to deduct taxes. While this is undoubtedly true, we should nevertheless encourage people to donate their unneeded vehicles.

California car donation tax credit

Car donations are 100 percent tax-deductible and help to build a good lifestyle for our country's veterans. Giving back to the people who have fought to keep the USA secure has never been easier - an outdated vehicle can become so much more when you give it to Vehicles For Veterans. Donate your car, truck, boat, RV, SUV, motorcycle, or camper to Vehicles For Vets in California to help veterans globally, and get a significant tax deduction for your car donation.

How to donate a car in California?

You can donate a car in California today by following three basic steps:

1. Contact a charity (mentioned in the table) or fill out an online donation form.
2. A member of our team will call you within 24 hours of the next working day.
3. Enjoy free pick up or disposal of your car, whether the vehicle operates or not.

Who knew that an outdated vehicle could genuinely make a difference in the life of a veteran? Give us a call today and help to improve the life of warriors who have spent their lives keeping us safe that they love.

Can I donate a car without a title?

It is still feasible to give an automobile without a title. To demonstrate ownership of the car, you can produce other documents such as DMV registration. In most situations, a categorized 501(c)(3) charity will accept the donation of a car or other used vehicle no issue what condition it’s in.

However, a donation may not be allowed if you don’t have a copy of the car's title. At best, you might be able to give the automobile as a trash vehicle, and it can be auctioned off as components, but it won’t do as much good for the charity or your tax return.

Nonetheless, there are ways for donating a car without a title while still receiving the greatest benefit for you and the organization. You may be able to acquire a second copy of the title through the DMV, or the organization may be able to help you secure one through other ways.

How to donate a car in California DMV

Note that a car title is evidence of ownership. Titles transfers also involve contributions, and the process is fairly similar to giving but there are several criteria that demand careful attention.

For example, automobile donors must present updated smog certificates which are issued within 90 days. At the same time, automobile donors may obtain a tax deduction based on the charity they gift their car to.

Car contributions also follow various regulations based on where you reside.

Here is a list of the procedures that you must take to accomplish your vehicle title transfer for automobile donations in California:

1. Complete and sign your automobile title.
2. Provide odometer mileage reading, if your car is less than 10 years old.
3. Fill in a Car Transfer and Reassignment Form (REG 262), which is only accessible at the CA DMV.
4. Make sure the legal person of the charity (receiver) signs the car title.

Submit a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability form (REG 138), which you must send within 5 days after the date of transaction.
Once you finish these DMV procedures, the process is completed and you won’t have to be worried about future problems and other bureaucracy.

Best place to donate a car in California

There's many charity in California by which you can donate your unused vehicle. These charities work for many purposes,. We mentioned details about them. If you want to know more, just copy their name and paste it into google. Hope you'll find more info about them. 

Program Cost Phone Number Email Charity Beneficiary Other vehicles accepted? Running Condition?
UNICEF USA Free 1-800-367-5437 n/a Children First Yes No
Breast Cancer Car Donations Free 1-866-540-5069 donations@cardonations4cancer.org Breast Cancer Yes No
California Automobile Donation Program Free 1-888-676-1089 n/a Breast Cancer Yes No
California Car Donation Free 1-866-392-4483 info@donateforcharity.com (see list) Yes No
Cars for U.S. Troops Free 1-888-693-8032 n/a U.S. Troops (see list) Yes No
Cars2Charities Free 1-855-520-2100 info@cars2charities.org Children & Families, Education, Veterans and, more… Yes No
Charity Dispatch Free 1-866-829-2918 info@charitydispatch.com (see list) Yes No
Donate a Car 2 Charity Free 1-877-505-5775 mail@donateacar2charity.com Activated Ministries Yes No
Give2Kids Free 1-800-448-3254 n/a Kids with cancer Yes No
Habitat for Humanity Free 1-877-277-4344 n/a Habitat for Humanity Yes No
Kars4Kids Free 1-877-527-7454 n/a Kars4Kids Yes No
Sacramento Children’s Home Vehicle Donation Free 1-800-240-0160 kusaba@carprogram.com de Sacramento Children’s Home Yes No
Sacramento Goodwill Free 1-916-295-2225 n/a Sacramento Goodwill Yes No
San Francisco Goodwill Free 1-866-701-CARS n/a San Francisco Goodwill Yes No
SellMax Free 1-800-225-7500 n/a (see list) Yes No
SoCal Goodwill Free 1-800-898-8285 n/a SoCal Goodwill Yes No
Veteran Car Donations Free 1-877-594-5822 donations@veterancardonations.org U.S. Troops and Veterans Yes No
Vet made - Vehicle Donation Program Free 1-800-613-3123 n/a Military Veterans Yes No
Wheels For Wishes Free 1-877-431-9474 n/a Make-A-Wish Foundation Yes No
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