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(Published) SSC Result 2021 - Check Now

SSC Result 2021 is ready for distribution. The Secondary School Certificate and equivalent exam results will be published within December 23rd and December 30th. The Inter-Education Coordinating Board has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Education, requesting the Prime Minister's approval. The results will be released publicly with the Prime Minister's permission. The results, like in previous years, will be published publicly through website and SMS.
SSC Result 2021
On the day of the result's announcement, a copy of the result will be handed over to the Prime Minister in the morning. The Education Minister, as well as the Chairmen of all Education Boards, will receive a copy of the results. The students will thereafter be able to formally know the result.

Along with the marksheet, SSC result 2021 will be published. The Education Board Results website has the results. SMS can also be used know about it. The results of Bangladesh's 9 general education boards will be published at the same time. Similarly, the Dakhil Result 2021 will be published. On this day, the SSC Vocational Result will also be published.

SSC Exam Result 2021

This year's SSC and equivalent examination began on November 14, 2021. The test concluded on 23rd November. Because of the Corona epidemic, this year's SSC examination has a limited syllabus. This year's examination consisted of only three group-based subjects. SSC and equivalent examinations 2021 were attended by 22 lakh 27 thousand 113 students from 9 general education boards, Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, and Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

Previously, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education included examination preparation and assessment tasks. The results are based on the marks obtained in the SSC and equivalent exams, the marks obtained in the assignments, and the results of the JSC and comparable examinations.

Furthermore, the results of subjects for which no exam was conducted have been calculated using the JSC and equivalent examination results. JSC, JDC, and equivalent examination results were used to prepare results for Bengali, English, General Mathematics, and Elective.

How to know the SSC Result 2021?

How can you find out your SSC result? The solution to this question is easy. SSC and equivalent results are available through website and SMS. Smartphone apps can also provide results.

Individual results, as well as institution-based results, can be downloaded from the website. Each education board will announce full results on their own websites. Education Board Results are published on the website educationboardresults.gov.bd. The SSC Result 2021 with Marksheet is now accessible on the website eboardresults.com, which is a Web Based Result Publication System for Education Boards. You may also find out the result by sending an SMS from any mobile phone operator such as Teletalk.

Result by SMS

SMS can be used to get SSC result 2021. You must send an SMS from any mobile phone to do this. After the result has been published, the message must be sent. If your message was successfully sent, you will receive a reply message informing you of the result. DHA for Dhaka Board, COM for Comilla Board, CHI for Chittagong Board, BAR for Barisal Board, DIN for Dinajpur Board, RAJ for Rajshahi Board, JES for Jessore Board, SYL for Sylhet Board, MYM for Mymensingh Board, MAD for Madrasah Board, and TEC for Technical Board are the first three letters of your Education Board Name.
SSC Result 2021 with Marksheet
Messages can be sent using cell phones from Teletalk, Grameen, Banglalink, Robi, or Airtel. The outcome of any educational board is immediately accessible by message. To receive the SSC and Equivalent exam results through SMS, send an SMS with the following instructions.
  • Go to New Message option on your mobile phone to get SSC Result.
  • Write SSC <space> First 3 letter of your Board Name <space> SSC Roll <space> 2021
  • Send the message to 16222.

Education Board Result

Education Board Results is the Ministry of Education's website for publishing exam results. Students from all Education Boards will be able to know SSC and Equivalent Exam results on this website. However, both the roll and registration numbers will be needed to know out the result from here. To get detailed results from the educationboardresults.gov.bd website, follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Use any browser to access the website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.
  2. Select SSC / Dakhil from the Examination Options drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the name of your Education Board.
  4. Choose 2021 as the exam year.
  5. Enter your SSC Registration and Roll number.
  6. In the box next to it, enter the total of the security choices.
  7. By hitting the submit button, you can see the result.
  8. You can select the Print option if want to get a Printable SSC Result.

Web Based SSC Result

The SSC and Equivalent Results of all Education Boards will be released on the education board website using a web-based results publishing system. This website contains detailed results for all education boards. Aside from the results of the students, the results of the institution, center, and district could be viewed on this site. This website can be used to get SSC Result 2021 without a Registration Number. However, both the roll number and the registration number will be necessary to obtain the complete result. To learn more about the results, follow the steps below.
  • Visit this website by clicking the link - eboardresults.com.
  • To view the results, please click here.
  • Choose SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent as the examination type.
  • Choose 2021 as the year.
  • Choose a board name.
  • Choose the type of result.
  • View results that include the relevant information.
  • You can use the Print option if you want to obtain a Printable SSC Result.

SSC Marksheet 2021

In addition to the results, the SSC Marksheet has been provided. The Mark Sheet will provide students from all educational boards with precise subject-based results. The mark sheet includes both the subject-based grade and the number attained.

SSC Marksheet 2021 could be obtained from the official website of the local Education Board. So, go to your Education Board's website to check out the SSC Result 2021 with Marksheet. The roll and registration number can be used to obtain a detailed mark sheet.

Institute Based Results

The education boards will not send a paper copy of the result to the institution. Educational institutions will be able to obtain printable results on the websites of their various education boards. To download online Institute-based SSC Results, the EIIN number will be required. To download the Institution Digitalised SSC Result, follow the procedures below. For further information, please see the Education Board Notice.
  1. Visit this website to get SSC 2021 Result - eboardresults.com.
  2. Choose SSC / Dakhil or SSC (Vocational).
  3. Choose the name of your Education Board.
  4. Choose 2021 as the year.
  5. As the result type, choose Institute Result.
  6. Enter the EIIN and save the result.
  7. You can select the Print option if you want to Print the SSC Result 2021.
If any student has a problem with the results, they can request a re-scrutiny. SSC re-scrutiny applications will be accepted beginning the day after the results are published. If a student is dissatisfied with the result of one or more topics, he or she could request a recheck. Teletalk Mobile allows users to submit applications. The Review Result will be announced after the application deadline. Students whose results will be modified will be notified through SMS.

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2021

The Dhaka Board SSC results 2021 has been published. Today, the Dhaka Education Board Secondary School Certificate SSC Exam Result was announced. The results were shared with other boards. Professor Nehal Ahmed , Chairman of the Dhaka Education Board, was attended at the Result hand-over event.

This year's results will not be available at any Dhaka Education Board educational institution or examination center. Only online and by SMS can you get your results. The results of those who pre-registered through SMS will be sent to the cellphone number. Their results will be informed as quickly as possible.

Dhaka Board SSC Marksheet

Dhaka Board SSC Mark Sheet, as well as complete results, will be available on the Dhaka Education Board website. To check results with the mark sheet, you must enter your registration number. This website allows you to find out how many marks a student has received. It is possible to examine the compulsory and multiple choice (MCQ) marks for every subject individually (s).

Dhaka Board SSC Mark Sheet can be found at www.eboardresults.com. Select Dhaka as your Education Board from the Board Name section. To view SSC and Equivalent Result with Marksheet from this website, you must have a Registration Number as well as a Roll Number.

In order to individual findings, institute-based results can be viewed by entering EIIN numbers obtained from this page. This website also allows you to look up any Institution EIIN number under the Dhaka Education Board. Aside from SSC Exam Results 2021, this website provides access to a variety of facts.
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